Keep Your Home Maintain by Aluminium Solar Paint

NJL Direct Limited has been established since July 2015 in Lancashire, United Kingdom and it has been successfully dealt in building and roofing products to the trade and DIY sector over 30 years. The company provides quality products of building and roofing materials with the facility of doorstep delivery.

NJL Direct Limited sells mainly four essential types of products which are:

I.    Bitumen Products

In this category, there are various roofing adhesive, weather proofing compounds, reflective paint ranging from £22.45 to £77.90. These products are principally used for painting drinking water tanks as it is completely waterproof and dries up very fast.

Also can be applied on the surfaces like fire escape, stairway, iron sheets etc.

Generally, these are solvent based full bodied black bitumen paint. Once you let it dry after a single coat, it forms a sort of thin odourless, and tent free bitumen free suitable for the protecting metals, roofing concrete, fibre cement, corrugated iron, and wood against water contact.

Black Bitumen paint stands against acid rain, alkali etc. easily and also can withstand prolonged oxidation. And various materials including – metal, steel, lead, iron, zinc, aluminium, copper etc.

Can also be applied as a protective coating concrete structure, stone brick, sand/cement surface.

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Aluminium Solar Paint

    Bitumen Trowel Mastic (5L) at £22.45
    Roof Bitumen Primer (5L & 25L) at £22.50
    Bitumen Paint (25L) at £46.00
    All Weather Roofing Compound (25L) at £48.50
    Roofing Felt Adhesive (25L) at £53.99
    Aluminium Solar Reflective Paint (25L) at £77.90

II.    Damp Proofing & Waterproofing

Used exclusively as a waterproofing reagents between blocks. Can be also used on kennel floors, dairy walls etc.

These products are basically prepared of highly effective silicon/siloxane suitable for brick, stone and masonry wall to control the rising of damp. Depending upon the wall thickness it can be applied.

    Damp Proofing Injection Cream (400mL) at £10.50
    KA Tanking Slurry Grey (25kg) at £26.45
    SBR Bonding Agent (25L) at £51.50

III.    Roofing Products

On all types of roofing felts to metal, concrete, wood etc. Used for sealing roofing felt laps.

It is a luminous compound containing a small amount of fiber to add strength and stability and it is absolutely organic product. It is resistant to water and thus suitable in winter too. All kinds of weather proof can be used to reseal, waterproof and renovate the rooftops, concrete roof decks, asbestos sheet etc.

    Fibrepol One Coat Roof Repair Compound (5kg & 20kg) at £36.00

Both PayPal and bank transfers are accepted. To the UK mainland, it’s absolutely free to ship.
Visit to order as per your requirement and make the best of your house bonding with NJL Direct Limited.

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